Person to Person


Isaak Finanz

I am near you

15 November 2022 marked a historic milestone: The world population reaches eight billion for the first time. Despite so many workers, there are still people facing difficulties.

Be the person you need to help your fellow human being, extend a helping hand and do something good for your neighbour.
If you are the one who needs help, don't be shy to ask for it, everyone has their difficulties and together we can reach the heights.

I am sure we have many good Samaritans around us who find joy in helping others!

I would be very happy to sense your willingness to contact me and let me know what your strengths are and how we can use them to help fellow human beings.

This can be done publicly through our social media group or discreetly through a private message.

It fills me up to help people and see the smiles on their faces, I'm sure you will too!